Choosing perfect flooring for the store

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Choosing perfect flooring for the store

We have a lovely clothing store that we need to keep looking great. It needs to create a sense of luxury but still be able to hold up to a lot of foot traffic being in a store. That's why we looked at new ranges of easy to clean carpets, rugs and other flooring options to keep the store looking really great all the time. This blog is full of plans and ideas related to flooring options that would suit commercial or retail spaces. It hopefully will be useful to store managers and shop fitters looking to expand their flooring option horizons.

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When to Have a Contractor Install New Flooring in Your Home

Some options for new flooring are very easy for homeowners to install; peel-and-stick tiles require no glue and few tools and can often be put right over your current floor. However, there are times when it's best to have a flooring contractor manage the installation of new flooring, even if it seems somewhat easy to install certain materials on your own. Note when this is and why a flooring services professional should be called in certain circumstances. Read More 

Reasons to Switch to Synthetic Grass on Your Yard

If you are a stickler for an attractive yard, then you should consider investing in synthetic grass. Over the years, more and more homeowners are looking for a convenient way to enhance their curb appeal, without having to sacrifice endless hours in yard maintenance. This has led to the increased popularity of synthetic turf being used in residences rather than simply being a staple for commercial properties. Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to synthetic grass on your yard. Read More 

Tips on How to Tile a Wetroom

A wetroom is an open plan shower room that offers a contemporary and more stylish look compared to the traditional bathroom. It can help you save space if you have a small bathroom. You can install it as a second bathroom in your home, or to replace the existing bathroom, especially if it's too small to fit a bath. One of the important decisions to make before installing a wetroom is how to tile it. Read More 

Pros And Cons Of Replacing Your Home Carpet Before Selling The Home

As a homeowner with kids who wants to put your property on the market, you are no doubt despairing at the damage your children and pets have done to your carpet over the years. After a while, it does not matter how much cleaning you do, the carpet just does not look clean. Since you want to sell your home quickly, you may be considering replacing the carpet in some rooms before you do so, but is this a worthwhile investment of money? Read More 

Flooring Online | 3 Guidelines For Buying Child-Friendly Kitchen Floors Online

When you've got small kids running around your home, the last thing you want is smooth, glossy flooring that can prove to be a potential falling hazard. Since you probably spend a lot of your time in your kitchen preparing food and eating with your kids, it's natural for them to follow you here. This list equips you with smart guidelines for buying child-friendly kitchen flooring online. Choose Textured Floors That Withstand Slipping Read More