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Choosing perfect flooring for the store

We have a lovely clothing store that we need to keep looking great. It needs to create a sense of luxury but still be able to hold up to a lot of foot traffic being in a store. That's why we looked at new ranges of easy to clean carpets, rugs and other flooring options to keep the store looking really great all the time. This blog is full of plans and ideas related to flooring options that would suit commercial or retail spaces. It hopefully will be useful to store managers and shop fitters looking to expand their flooring option horizons.

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Choosing the Colour and Pattern of Your Hardwood Flooring

Timber floors of all kinds create a sense of comfort and warmth. Before you can enjoy this luxurious ambience, though, you'll have to make several design choices regarding the flooring. Consider the following tips when going through the process.

Timber Colours

Various hardwoods are used to form timber planks, including blackbutt, oak and jarrah. Each species offers a variety of colours and shades so you'll have plenty to choose from. When picking one over another, consider both the room size and style. Lighter hues such as honey, blonde and white-washed timber create a sense of spaciousness, while deep browns can do the opposite. Also, take account of the decor. Paler wood tends to flatter relaxed and informal decors, while darker timbers can make a room feel classic and elegant. 

Plank Direction

Planks are linear, and thus, they form patterns and directional lines when laid across a floor — and you can deliberately use these lines to affect the visual proportions of a place. For example, in a rectangular room, create an expansive feeling by laying planks parallel to the long walls. In a narrow space, though, lay the boards horizontally to create the sense of it being wider.

The floorboard pattern can also direct attention. In a long hallway, for example, by laying the planks lengthwise to form unbroken lines, you'll direct attention towards the opposite end of the hall, creating an expansive flow. In a room with a focal point like a fireplace, you can follow the same principle — use the linear direction of planks to propel the eye along the flooring and towards the climax. 

Diagonally Laid Planks

The way you lay boards can add visual interest to a room and prevent it from looking dull. Why not shake up a classic floorboard look by laying planks diagonally at a 45-degree angle from the wall? Thus, in a square room, they'll travel corner to corner. This will open the space and make it feel larger. Another option is a classic herringbone design, in which the floorboards form a dynamic zigzag pattern across the floor. 

Plank Width

When planning timber floors, you'll also need to adopt a plank width. Wider planks show off the timber grain and texture to the full, as the floor will show less frequent join lines that add distracting busyness. In a particularly compact room, though, wide planks can highlight its smallness. Another option is to cover the floor with variable width boards to create a rustic vibe.