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Choosing perfect flooring for the store

We have a lovely clothing store that we need to keep looking great. It needs to create a sense of luxury but still be able to hold up to a lot of foot traffic being in a store. That's why we looked at new ranges of easy to clean carpets, rugs and other flooring options to keep the store looking really great all the time. This blog is full of plans and ideas related to flooring options that would suit commercial or retail spaces. It hopefully will be useful to store managers and shop fitters looking to expand their flooring option horizons.

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Pros And Cons Of Replacing Your Home Carpet Before Selling The Home

As a homeowner with kids who wants to put your property on the market, you are no doubt despairing at the damage your children and pets have done to your carpet over the years. After a while, it does not matter how much cleaning you do, the carpet just does not look clean. Since you want to sell your home quickly, you may be considering replacing the carpet in some rooms before you do so, but is this a worthwhile investment of money? Consider these pros and cons of carpet replacement before you start going down this renovation route.

Positives Of Carpet Replacement

The main obvious positive of replacing the carpet where required in your home is the new, uplifting look it is going to give. New carpet can really give a vibrant lift to a home, and it also gives the impression the home has been well-cared for during its life.

Additionally, new carpet can impact positively on the value of your home as you can use it as a selling point for the property. Properties that have had recent renovations done to them always appeal to house hunters.

Negatives Of Carpet Replacement

The biggest negative surrounding carpet replacement is the cost. You have to find a balance between choosing a nice carpet that does not look cheap, but not spending so much on the new carpet that you will not recoup the cost when selling the home. The average carpet cost depends on what type of carpet quality you choose, and the variance is huge. You could pay anywhere from $20m2 for a basic carpet cover to $275m2 for carpet made from Alpaca wool.

Secondly, while your intention is to replace the carpet because the old one looks worn and dirty, a potential house buyer may notice the new carpet smell and wonder why else the carpet was replaced. Some homeowners, for example, may need new carpet because incontinent pets have left strong-smelling markings around the home. House buyers are going to want to be reassured that they will not be left with an unpleasant odour once the new carpet smell fades away. One way you can counter-act this question, however, is to keep a piece of the old carpet as evidence if the question is ever asked.

A reputable carpet retailer can help you to choose a new carpet for your home that suits the budget while appealing to buyers. Make sure you stick with neutral colours that everyone will love when you make your new carpet choice, and then stand back and watch the positive impact it has on buyer interest.